ViLeArn @ Digitaltag Bayern 2020
The project ViLeArn was presented at the Digital Day Bavaria 2020. As part of the XR-Hub slot, the current prototype of project ViLeArn was streamed via Zoom.
Bernd Sibler visited HCI
Science Minister Bernd Sibler visits the Center for Artificial Intelligence Data Science (CAIDAS Würzburg) and tried the ViLeArn Application
New staff in the team of School Pedagogy
The ViLeArn team welcomes Mr. Thomas Schröter as a new research assistant in the team of school pedagogy.
ViLeArn at the ECER Conference
School pedagogy team presenting ViLeArn at the European Conference on Education Research.
Current Work Status
News regarding project updates.
Article in Hochschulforum Digitalisierung
Blog post on ViLeArn released on Hochschulforum Digitalisierung.
Press release in JMU magazine einBLICK
Article about our project released in University magazine.
Current Work Status
The team of school pedagogy currently focusses on didactical needs analyses. By means of literature reviews and interviews, we research aspects and methods which contribute to preservice teachers’ pedagogically sound and effective working with the ViLeArn application in their teacher education program. We also consider the teacher educators’ perspective to ensure that teacher educators are able to apply virtual reality in general and the ViLeArn application in particular successfully in their teaching.
Project Info
ViLeArn pursues the vision of virtual and situated learning and teaching with the help of avatars and agents in social cyberspace. The project is jointly hosted by the Chair of School Pedagogy and the Chair of Human-Computer Interaction at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) and supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
ViLeArn at ECER 2019 in Hamburg
We are happy to announce that our ViLeArn submission for the ECER conference 2019 in Hamburg, Germany (2.-6.9.), was accepted! Gabriela Ripka and Jennifer Tiede will hold a presentation on “Virtual reality in teacher education: exploring student teachers’ and teacher educators’ requirements“. The session will be on September 3rd, further details can be found in the conference programme.
ViLeArn at IEEEVR 2019 in Osaka
We are pleased to announce that our submission to the special issue of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics has been accepted. The submission “Not Alone Here?! Scalability and User Experience of Embodied Ambient Crowds in Distributed Social Virtual Reality” was presented at the 2019 8th Virtual Reality Conference held in Osaka, Japan, March 23-27, 2019 by Prof. Marc Erich Latoschik.
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